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If you slipped and fell while working, you should consult a slip and fall lawyer to know more about your legal options. This is particularly important to do before you sign an agreement or waiver given to you by the insurance company or another relevant party. In general, if you fell at work, you will likely be eligible for workers’ compensation. Whether or not you can file a personal injury claim largely depends on the circumstances of your case. 

Slip and Fall Accidents at Work
In the United States, slip and falls are one of the four most common workplace injuries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 40,000 people will file a workers’ compensation claim each year after falling. Sadly, an average of 700 workers lose their lives in these accidents every year.  22% of slip and fall accidents in the workplace result in the need for the injured worker to take more than 31 days off of work. 85% of workers’ compensation claims involving a slip and fall are a result of a floor that was wet, slippery, or slick.

Although slip and falls are the primary reason for an injured worker to need time off, they are not the leading cause of workplace fatalities. A slip and fall accident typically costs an employer $40,000.


Failure to Have Safety Precautions
Nearly all states require employers to practice various safety precautions to prevent a slip and fall. Depending on the work environment, an employer might also have to follow the rules of OSHA. Failure to do so could result in fines, loss of licensure, and criminal charges.

If you or a loved one was injured or even lost their life to a slip and fall accident at work, contacting a slip and fall lawyer may be in your best interest. An attorney can help with: 

  • Workers’ Compensation – Nearly all employees who have been injured while working will be able to recover workers’ compensation. This can be filed for without a lawyer; however, it is not uncommon to be denied. This is especially true when the injury is serious. If you are struggling to get workers’ compensation, call a lawyer for help.
  • A Personal Injury Claim – In general, you will only be able to file a personal injury claim for a slip and fall that happened at work when a third party caused the accident. A third party does not include your employer or an employee. Rather, it must be a party unassociated with employer directly. 

It may be possible to file both workers’ compensation and personal injury claim. The right slip and fall lawyer, like a slip and fall lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA, can review your case and help you to understand what options are available. You have a limited time to file either a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim; therefore, please do not delay in getting started. 

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation for their insight into filing a personal injury claim for a slip and fall at work.


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