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Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Following a car accident, the insurance company will begin an investigation of the case. During this time, they will likely assess the extent of your injuries and whether or not you had any pre-existing injuries. If they find pre-existing injuries, there is a good chance that they will argue about any injury that was sustained in the accident. If the insurance company believes a pre-existing injury caused or worsened the injuries in the accident, they may deny you compensation. These cases are typically very challenging and should be overseen by an experienced car accident lawyer.

Pre-Existing Injuries Does Not Mean You Can’t Recover Damages

If you were injured in a car accident and the injuries are similar, or related, to injuries you have sustained in the past, you should not assume that compensation is unavailable. However, you might feel as if you have to go through extra steps just to defend your case. If you believe the insurance company will refuse you compensation based upon previous or pre-existing injuries, you should call a car accident lawyer.

The right lawyer can review your past and current medical records, ask a doctor for testimony, and prove your injury or medical ailment was healed at the time of the accident. If the injury was not fully healed at the time of the accident, a lawyer may need to gather further evidence. This is often possible when you have a diligent, knowledgeable lawyer on your side.

Understanding the Insurance Company 

As a car accident lawyer builds your case and ensures that it defends your pre-existing medical ailment, the other side may be working just as hard to demonstrate a burden of proof that the pre-existing condition is actually associated with your current injury. They can also call upon doctors for testimony.

The insurance company will seek to pay you the least amount possible — after all, they are for-profit companies. If they see your case as an opportunity to pay out a lesser amount, or none at all, you can expect them to try to take advantage of this opportunity. Pre-existing injuries are one of the easiest ways for an insurance company to do this. If you believe this is possible, you should not delay in consulting a car accident lawyer for legal help.

Call A Car Accident Attorney to Explore Your Rights and Legal Options

Challenging an insurance company on your own is not advisable. Doing so would leave you in a vulnerable position and more prone to making a mistake. In some cases, you could affect your ability to recover compensation. Regardless of what happened or what the circumstances may be, call a car accident lawyer to learn more. He or she will be happy to listen to what happened and help you to determine the next steps to take.



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