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If you have never faced any criminal charges, it is expected for you to think that the police officer, or police department has the power over you for this moment seeing as though they have arrested you for committing a criminal offense. However, there purpose is to protect and serve, and also to find the suspect or person responsible for the crimes committed. After you are detained, your fate lies in the hands of lawyers, maybe your lawyer but more often than not the prosecutor, for those charges. While the police department may hold you for an accusation, the prosecutor will charge you for the accusation. Before you are charged with anything, they must first prove that you are guilty of the criminal offense in question, beyond a reasonable doubt. Do also understand the difference between being arrested for a crime and being charged with a crime. Just because you have not been arrested yet, does not mean you cannot be charged.

Just your criminal defense attorney, the prosecutor will review the police report and details of your case to build their case. Once prosecutor gathers the proper information, they can determine what they can charge you with. However. The police report is not enough to sentence a suspect and therefore, more research needs to be done to prosecute you.

Because there is someone working diligently to ensure you jailed for the criminal offense you are accused of, it is important that you are also represented. If you or someone you know is or may be facing criminal charges be sure to speak with a criminal defense attorney about the case so they can assist you in building a defense on you or your loved one’s behalf. It is important to note that many criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations, and it is wish to gather up as much information as possible before selecting any attorney. There are sometimes several stipulations in a criminal case that may place the police officer that filed the report in the wrong position, and sometimes an individual may simply be innocent. You are innocent until proven guilty so you will need someone that will defend you and that fact. You want to be sure you are making the right decision financially and for the sake of your loved one who is being accused. The sooner you speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Dekalb County, GA, the better.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into criminal defense cases and prosecutors.



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