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As an attorney understands, the more proof you have regarding a car accident, the better. If you have recently been hit by a negligent car driver, you may be faced with substantial financial losses, physical pain and mental trauma. While at the scene, we highly recommend getting witness contact information and receiving medical attention for potential injuries. We have likely represented many clients just like you, who are trying to overcome a setback caused by the carelessness of another person. We can help you seek justice and financial compensation from the driver responsible, through filing a civil lawsuit.

Please read on for more information about the importance of witnesses and medical care post car collision.

Take Advantage of Bystanders

When your claim is evaluated by an insurance company regarding the wreck, it can support your side of the story by having witnesses who saw the accident unfold. Bystanders who rushed over the help may be willing to provide you with a statement. In most cases, when a good samaritan comes over to be of aid, they want to see justice be found for the incident too. You do not have to ask for a statement immediately at the scene, as things may be understandably stressful and tense. But, your attorney can reach out to these witnesses and ask the questions after things have settled down.

The Weight of Passenger Testimony

If there was a passenger riding in the car with you when the accident happened, statements from this person can help your case, but only to a certain extent. Many insurers understand that the people riding with you is probably going to side with your perspective because they have a relationship with you. A bystander that had no prior connection to you can weigh even heavier than a friend or family member’s statement.

Prompt Medical Attention

There are a couple reasons why an attorney suggests getting prompt medical attention after the car accident. Firstly, your health comes first after such a traumatic event. Especially if the collision was very serious, you could have sustained injuries that require immediate medical intervention. By waiting, your condition could worsen to grave levels. Secondly, if you decide to file a lawsuit against the other driver for compensation, it can have a negative impact if you did not seek medical care urgently. Insurance adjusters who contact you may try to get you to say something that suggests your injuries were not as bad as you so claim. Gather as much proof of your injuries as possible, including photographs, doctor’s exams, diagnostics, prescription medication, and anything else relevant to what happened.


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