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acupuncture car accidentEven a relatively minor auto accident can have a tremendous impact on your physical and emotional health. Lots of things distract, like deciding whether to replace or repair your vehicle, filing or ordering a police report, and rearranging your schedule to get everything done. With everything taking up your time, care for your own health and well-being often gets missed entirely.

It’s a big mistake to neglect your own health in the middle of everything else. If you don’t pay attention to minute details, even small issues from turning into big trouble. Keeping track of these issues while you are in pain from the accident can seem overwhelming. It can hurt to just hold your head up while answering questions or talking on the phone to the numerous police officers, insurance adjusters, and attorneys. To compound the problem, sometimes the medications to reduce pain make you feel groggy and make it even harder to think, much less heal. The stress of a car accident can make everything feel a lot worse. It can even impede the healing process.

Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a popular treatment modality for the range of injuries and stresses that often present following an auto accident, and for good reason. An acupuncture treatment utilizes very small, fine needles inserted into specific acu-points to release tension, decrease muscle tightness, and improve the healing response. Your acupuncturist will perform a detailed medical exam prior to doing any treatment. It’s important to find a therapist you are comfortable with. It can also be very helpful to undergo acupuncture at a practice that includes massage therapy and chiropractic for pain, so the team can work from a holistic perspective and you have as many options available to you as possible.

What should I expect?

The treatment room ambiance is very serene, with cool lighting, warmed comfortable tables, relaxing music, and aromatherapy infused spaces. Patients receiving acupuncture treatment for the first time often report that their stress levels drop considerably even before treatment begins, something you absolutely need following an automobile accident. Massage designed to relax the body or release tension is may be provided, followed by the acupuncture treatment itself. You will rest on the comfortable table for twenty to thirty minutes and meditate to improve your healing response, helping the body make sense again.

Considering a wide range of treatments to get your health back on track is vitally important. An acupuncture therapist can help formulate a treatment plan that’s unique to your needs. Acupuncture for headache, back pain, or stress following a car accident may be the smartest thing you could do.



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