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What are common mistakes people make when arrested with a DWI?

One of the biggest mistakes people make with a DWI charge is not consulting with a DWI lawyer DC trusts from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. as soon as possible. A DWI is a serious offense and can result in jail time. If you choose to represent yourself to save on the costs of hiring a professional lawyer, you may end up paying for it in the long run. If you don’t know the specifics of local drunk driving laws, you could potentially make mistakes that jeopardize your case.

A skilled DWI attorney in DC from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. has handled many drunk driving cases in the past and knows the type of evidence you need in a DWI defense case. We prepare our clients for the entire court process and handle communication with the police, prosecuting attorneys, and other court personnel.

Here are a few other common mistakes people make when arrested with a DUI:

Taking the prosecuting attorney’s first offer

If you are guilty of a DWI, you might be tempted to take the prosecuting attorney’s initial plea deal — just to get everything over with. It may not be wise to do this. A prosecutor’s first deal is rarely a favorable one. If you allow a DWI lawyer DC has to offer time to work on your case, he might be able to find holes or technicalities to get your charge reduced or even dismissed.

Speaking to the police about your case

After you have been charged with a DWI, the police will likely bring you into a room and ask you questions about your case. They might seem friendly in the beginning, but keep in mind that they aren’t exactly on your side. The police may use certain questions and tactics to try to get you to confess to a crime. Keep in mind that, in many situations, you are legally allowed to refuse to speak to the police until your DWI lawyer DC depends on present. An experienced lawyer may be able to stop the police from attempting to ask you illegal or unfair questions.

Driving with a suspended license

A judge may likely suspend your driver’s license immediately after you have been charged with a DWI. While it may be tempting to still drive, you should avoid getting behind the wheel until your license is reinstated. If you are pulled over and caught driving with a suspended license, it could jeopardize your case. If you are having a difficult time getting to work without your license, your DC DWI attorney might be able to talk to the judge about getting your license temporarily reinstated.

Talking to your friends and family about your case

It is not a good idea to discuss the details about your case with anyone but your DWI lawyer DC counts on. If you talk to your friends and family about your case and they are subpoenaed to court, they may be legally required to tell the court what you told them.

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