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If you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, it’s important to know that a local DUI attorney DC residents trust may be able to help. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we have provided essential legal counsel to many clients facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. While no two cases are the same, the lawyers at our firm have gained plenty of experience handling these types of cases for our clients. We know that many small elements in a DUI charge can substantially impact the outcome for the defendant.

As a seasoned DUI attorney DC can provide might explain, it’s important for defendants to understand the legal implications of driving under the influence. Here’s a quick overview of what these charges often entail.

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DUI Is a Criminal Offense

First, it is important to know that driving under the influence of illicit substances is illegal. When an individual is convicted of this offense, he or she faces a criminal penalty.

Even though every state has the ability to set its own laws on drunk driving and drugged driving, each of the 50 states considers the legal level of intoxication to be .08% BAC (blood alcohol concentration). Some states have additional restrictions on drivers’ BAC levels that could make the legal limit even lower than .08%. Commercial truck drivers, for example, might be charged with drunk driving if their BAC is above .04%.

The Two Elements of a DUI Charge

There are two essential parts to a DUI charge that must be proven in court to result in a conviction. As a skilled DC DUI attorney might explain, if either of these elements cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant might not be convicted. These two elements are:

  1. The defendant must be the person who was operating a moving vehicle at the time of the arrest.
  2. This individual must have been “under the influence” of an illicit substance which potentially impaired his/her ability to operate the vehicle. This impairment must be proven through a test that is admissible in court.

Receiving a DUI Charge

Even if you’ve been charged with DUI, it still may be possible to dispute this charge and walk away with a clean record. Talking with an experienced DUI attorney DC can provide may be one way to determine your chances of winning or losing your case. Even if the charges cannot be dropped entirely, it may be possible for a skilled DUI attorney in DC to have these charges reduced. Reduced charges could mean a shorter jail sentence — or no jail sentence at all — lesser fines, or simply being able to retain your driver’s license.

Contact a DUI Attorney DC Residents Can Rely On

A DUI charge shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it is also important to know that this charge doesn’t have to negatively impact your whole life. At The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., we understand that good people can make mistakes. One mistake shouldn’t cause negative consequences for your entire life, your career, and your family.

If you’ve been charged with DUI, The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. may be able to help. Call us today for more information about our lawyers, to hear about how we’ve counseled clients facing DUI charges, or to speak with a top DUI attorney DC trusts about your own case.

Brynn Law: The DUI Attorney DC Can Count on to Fight for Its Rights

Brynn Law: The DUI Attorney DC Can Count on to Fight for Its Rights

Getting a DUI is a serious crime. If charged, you’ll need the services of a DUI attorney DC residents can trust at Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, and making sure that your due process is properly handled. We can provide you with accurate information and advice when facing the possibility of a conviction.

Did you know…

  • …that if you drive anywhere in DC, you’re submitting to what is called “implied consent.” This means that a law enforcement office is within his or her rights to pull you over and administer a DUI test if they are under the suspicion that you are intoxicated. If you fail to submit to this DUI test, your license can be suspended.
  • …that if there is an accident, and the police suspect one or both of the drivers involved were driving under the influence, the officer is within his or her rights to have blood and/or urine samples taken under “implied consent”, regardless of whether the driver consents to the test.
  • …that a person is considered driving under the influence (DUI) if s/he has a blood alcohol count (BAC) of .05 or greater.
  • …that depending on the level of intoxication at the time of a blood and/or urine test, you could be facing mandatory jail time. For this reason alone, it’s important to hire an attorney. 

Strategies We May Use for Your Case

DUI defense cases are not always the easiest to win. But, this does not mean that your case is impossible to win. We understand the nuances of a DUI case, and have strategies we can use to protect you as your trial goes on. With so much at stake, including your freedom, jail time, fines, and a revocation of your driver’s license, it only makes sense that you would hire an attorney that is seasoned in criminal defense. You can trust that we have probably represented people just like you, who may have made a mistake and need someone to guide them through the legal process.

After consulting with you about your case, we may suggest using these strategies as a way to successfully defend you:

  • Scrutinize Police Reports: We will request getting copies of police reports and then review them for inconsistencies or errors that law enforcement committed. 
  • Assess Video and Audio Evidence: We will take a look at evidence gathered from the officer’s squad car, including the video recording of them pulling you over. If the video halts or the conversation with you was not recorded, then your statements may be suppressed so they cannot be used against you.
  • Use Negotiation Skills: If your DUI case does not get dismissed at the hearing pretrial, we can negotiate with the prosecution to see if we can agree on a plea bargain.  We have vast experience working with local prosecutors and bringing to light the mistakes and inaccuracies about their case against our clients. 
  • Review the DUI Test Procedure: An attorney can review how the officer performed the field sobriety test after pulling you over. Did the officer have an actual reason for halting your vehicle? Did the officer have a suspicion about you that was reasonable? Police cannot just pull someone over for no reason. To be lawfully stopped, you must have been exhibiting a driving behavior that was unsafe, and which led to the officer stopping your vehicle. Furthermore, we can assess whether the breathalyzer the officer used was properly functioning and correctly calibrated before the test. 

When people get arrested for a crime, they may quickly forget that they are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution has to bring forward evidence to show why you should receive a charge, it isn’t automatic upon your arrest. Many people accidentally self-incriminate through what they say to the officer during and after the arrest. The best thing you can do is refrain from answering any questions that are not mandatory (such as your name and contact information), and then asking to contact an attorney before police questioning.

The Possible Repercussions of a DUI Conviction

The circumstances surrounding a DUI conviction will vary on a case-by-case basis. It also varies by state. For this reason, only a DUI attorney in District Of Columbia who is familiar with your case is qualified to tell you what consequences you are facing. However, as a general rule, if you are found guilty of a DUI, regardless of the jurisdiction in which you reside, you’re facing heavy penalties.

In every state, a DUI conviction promises up to six months in jail as well as a significant fine. The details depend on a number of variables, a few of which have already been mentioned. In addition, the driver’s DUI history will significantly affect the outcome. The following general information may apply in your case, though an attorney can provide you with specifics:

First Time Offender

Under most circumstances, those who are convicted of a DUI for the first time face less punishment than repeat offenders. However, they will likely be subject to:

  • Serving a minimum jail sentence, typically one to three days. Some states do not require this, but an attorney motorists hire under similar circumstances can advise you.
  • A substantial monetary fine.
  • May have to attend a required DUI school.
  • License suspension of up to one year.
  • Possible ignition interlock which is not free and is designed to prevent you from driving while intoxicated.
  • Up to three years of probation, which if violated, will result in mandatory jail time.
  • Permanent DMV record for a DUI.

At Least One Prior DUI Conviction or High BAC

If someone is convicted of a DUI and they have at least one prior conviction on the same charge, their sentencing will be significantly more serious. This is also true if the arresting officer submitted a field test and the BAC was far above the legal limit. An attorney will know if your BAC reading is considered excessive.

  • More likely than not you will be forced to attend DUI school to learn ways to avoid getting additional convictions, and the consequences of driving under the influence. Among them is the very real possibility of seriously injuring or even killing innocent people. In addition, as an attorney might warn you, a drunk driving conviction is a serious criminal offense, but manslaughter charges are even worse.
  • Those who are convicted of a DUI multiple times, or those whose BAC was considered excessively high, may have to purchase or rent an “interlock ignition device” and install it in their car (if they have one and are legally allowed to drive it). In many cases, a judge will allow them to use their car to commute to and from work or the grocery store. However, they must have the device to ensure they are not driving under the influence. These devices are expensive and they are also not cheap to install. For as long as your sentence lasts, you might have one. If you are caught driving someone else’s car, disabling the device, or having someone else blow into it, you will face serious legal consequences.

What can a DUI attorney do for you?

An attorney from Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. is your greatest defense to any DUI charges levied against you. We know and understand the process, including these three major factors, that will give you a leg up in obtaining the best possible outcome for you specific case:

  1. Case Assessment: We understand that each case is different. We at Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., will review your case and determine what your particular case requires — and, more specifically, what risks (i.e., the investiture of time and money) are involved in defending your case. Whenever an attorney takes on your case, he or she is assuming some level of risk. We can handle even the most complex of cases. Frederick J. Brynn is pleased to provide you with an honest assessment of your case before we begin representing you.
  2. Pleas: Many cases brought before a criminal court do not go to trial. A plea bargain is a sentencing agreement struck between both sides that brings a resolution to a criminal case. Frederick J. Brynn, PC, prides itself on being a law firm residents can rely on to reach a beneficial plea bargain for their clients.
  3. Managing the legal process: The legal process is an arduous one, and going in and out of courtrooms can be a hassle. At Frederick J. Brynn, PC, we take on the daily case management on your behalf. Frederick J. Brynn, PC, is prepared to handle your case and manage the entire process every step of the way.

At our law firm, we are constantly striving for perfection and working hard to make sure your rights are properly looked after. We can imagine how scary this time may be for you, as you wonder whether you will receive a DUI charge and how this may affect your current life and future. For more information, and to speak with a DC DUI attorney residents have confidence in, call Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., today.

What can a DUI attorney do for you Infographic

What Makes a Great DUI Lawyer 

Extensive DUI Experience and Training 

Technically you can hire anyone with a license to practice law to defend you. However, you are going to want someone who specializes in DUI cases and has had years of experience with these types of cases. Why? When you have someone who understands what they are doing they are able to give you a better chance of making the consequences as minimal as possible. A lawyer who focuses on criminal law may not have the experience needed to work your case.  You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do your electrical work so why would you hire someone who doesn’t specialize in DUI law to defend you in court for a DUI?

A Good Track Record 

Now, just because someone specializes in DUI law doesn’t mean they are right for you.  You want to know that who you choose is going to have a good chance of winning cases. Ask your attorney about their track record and what percentage of cases do they win. If the attorney is rarely winning cases then you should look elsewhere for your needs. 

Spotless Ethical Record 

It shouldn’t have to be stated but while your DUI attorney may be the best in town if they have a history of malpractice or being sanctioned by the State Bar then you are in trouble. Judges tend to look down on attorneys with spotty ethical records. How can you know though if this is your first time working with an attorney? 

You will need to visit the website of your State Bar and from there you will get to see if your attorney is in good standing or not. 

Communication Skills

No matter what you are going to want a DUI attorney with great communication skills. Take note of how they talk to you, are they explaining everything? Do you feel like they aren’t listening to you? Do they make you wait days for responses?  A good attorney is going to be able to present and argue your case in the clearest way possible and make sure you understand what is going on. 

Are you in need of a DUI attorney that has the experience needed to handle your case with the care it deserves? Here at Frederick J. Brynn, P.C you can trust that our attorneys will handle your case with care and make sure you understand what is happening along the way. 

If you’re facing charges after being accused of driving under the influence, it may be in your best interest to contact a DUI attorney DC drivers trust. The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. is dedicated to protecting the rights of clients. Regardless of what law enforcement officials may be saying, your charges can be fought, and with a reputable DC DUI attorney on your side, they could even be reduced or completely dropped. To speak with one of our lawyers, please call The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. now.

Understanding Driving Under the Influence

DUI laws vary from state to state; however, the legal age to drink — which is 21 — is consistent across the entire country. If you are under the legal age and have any amount of alcohol in your blood, breath, or urine, you could be charged with a crime. If you are 21 years or older the consumption of alcohol is legal, but operating any type of personal motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher is illegal. If you’ve been pulled over and are facing these accusations, you might be charged with a DUI. When this happens, it’s advisable to find out what a DUI attorney DC offers has to say.

What are some miscellaneous DUI consequences?

Every DUI case is inherently different, but one thing that is certain is that a guilty charge will come with some penalties and repercussions. In general the legal penalties will depend on whether or not you have any previous offenses, your cooperation with police, as well as on any aggravating circumstances. Aside from possible jail time, fines and fees, license suspension, probation, and a record, there are several consequences that are often forgotten yet could be just as detrimental to a person’s life.

Rise in Insurance Rates

A drunken driving charge can remain on a person’s record for many years. If the insurance company discovers this charge, there is a chance that they will increase your monthly rate. If your license is suspended, the carrier could cancel the policy altogether. When you speak with a DUI attorney DC provides to drivers, you may want to discuss this concern to find out what your options may be.

Revocation of Other Licenses

There are special concerns to being charged with a DUI when you also hold an air pilot’s license. It is required by federal law to report the DUI to the FAA. As soon as you do, there is a risk of temporarily or permanently losing it. If you have a pilot’s license, it’s prudent to have a DUI attorney in DC on your side.

Difficulty Entering Canada or Moving Across State

A convicted DUI charge is considered to be an admissible offense under Canadian law. When a person has a DUI on their record, there is a chance of being denied entry into Canada until they have been rehabilitated. Although the likelihood of this happening is slim, it is not something you would want to risk, especially when a DUI attorney DC respects might help to avoid altogether.

It is also possible for anyone with subsequent convictions (DUI or otherwise), and planning to move to a new state, to be required to get written permission from the local probation department.  Being denied could result in the inability to move.

DUI Attorney DC

If you are faced with a DUI charge you already know that you are going to need to find the right DUI attorney for you. A DUI charge can change your life in drastic ways and you would want to be spared from as many consequences as possible. This is where finding the DUI attorney that fits your needs is important, as finding one can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. 

Finding a lawyer is going to take some work and we here at Frederick J. Brynn, P.C know how important it is to put that work in. If you are unsure of where to start then take a look at what we consider to be a seamless way to find the right lawyer for you. 

Time is of the Essence

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, the sooner you retain a lawyer, the better the outcome of your case may be. To schedule a consultation with a DUI attorney DC has to offer, please call The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C at (202) 888-0953.

DUI Attorney Resources:

Understanding Driving Under the Influence

Tips for Overcoming a DUI Charge

DUI attorney DC Clients Trust and Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a very stressful experience. But being involved in a car accident when you have been drinking can also turn into a criminal case. Although your first instinct may be to panic or even run away, there are steps that a DUI attorney suggests you should take in order to protect yourself in the event you will be arrested and charged with DUI.

1. If anyone has been injured, you should call 911.

2. Although every state has different laws, these laws generally require that if there has been any injuries or property damage, then the accident needs to be reported to law enforcement.

3. Do not make any written or oral statements to any Washington DC law enforcement officers who show up at the accident scene. If you have been drinking and caused the crash, you will want to consult with a DUI attorney before you make a statement to police.

4. If the officer suspects you are under the influence, they have the legal right to request you take a breathalyzer test and submit to a field sobriety test (walk and turn, horizontal gaze, standing on one leg). Depending on the laws of the state you are in, if you refuse to submit to the breathalyzer, you will likely face an automatic suspension of your driver’s license through the Secretary of State or Department of Motor Vehicles, depending on which agency has oversight. There could be other administrative penalties, as well as criminal penalties for refusing to submit to the test.

5. Do not make any written or oral statements to victims or witnesses to the crash. These can also be used against you. For example, if you say something like, “I only had a couple of beers and thought I was fine to drive,” because you are upset that about the crash, that statement can be used against you in both the criminal case if you are charged with DUI and also used against you in any car accident injury claim or lawsuit filed by victims.

6. Obtain the names and contact information of all potential witnesses to the crash. This can be especially helpful if the crash is not your fault.

7. If you have a smartphone with a camera, take photos of the accident scene. Make sure to capture all the damage done to any vehicles, landmarks, traffic signs and/or signals, weather conditions, road conditions, and any other items you think could be helpful. A Washington DC DUI attorney can use these photos as evidence in your defense.

8. Write down all the details of the crash, including the date and time and anything that the other driver, victims, or witnesses said or did.

9. Do not leave the scene, even if you have been drinking and especially if someone has been injured. If you do, this could result in being charged with a felony hit and run which is a very serious charge in Washington DC and beyond.

10. Contact a DUI attorney DC residents recommend to begin preparing your defense right away.

What are the consequences of a DUI?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can have significant consequences.  If you find yourself facing DUI charges in Washington, D.C., it is crucial to hire a skilled and experienced DC DUI attorney like those at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. to guide you through the legal process and protect your rights. A DUI conviction can result in severe penalties, including fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, probation, and even jail time. Additionally, a DUI conviction can have long-term consequences, such as increased insurance rates, difficulty finding employment, and damage to your reputation. That’s why it is essential to have a qualified attorney who specializes in DUI defense on your side. 

How can a DUI attorney help their clients?

A skilled DUI attorney will assess the details of your case and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your circumstances. They will examine the evidence against you, such as breathalyzer results, field sobriety tests, and police reports, to identify any potential weaknesses or violations of your rights. They will also scrutinize the procedures followed by law enforcement during your arrest, ensuring that your constitutional rights were not violated. An experienced DUI attorney can negotiate with prosecutors to potentially reduce the charges or penalties you face. They may be able to secure a plea agreement for a lesser offense, such as reckless driving, which carries less severe consequences than a DUI conviction.

What should clients look for in a DUI attorney?

When looking for a DC DUI attorney, it’s important to find someone who has a deep understanding of the local laws and legal procedures. DUI laws can be complex and vary from state to state, so having an attorney who is familiar with the specific laws and regulations in the District of Columbia can significantly benefit your case. Choosing the right DC DUI attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Look for an attorney with a proven track record of successfully defending clients against DUI charges. They should have extensive knowledge of DUI laws, a solid understanding of local court procedures, and excellent negotiation and litigation skills.

How are defense strategies made for a DUI charge?

One common defense strategy employed by DUI attorneys is challenging the accuracy and reliability of the breathalyzer test results. These tests are not infallible and can produce false readings due to various factors, such as faulty equipment, improper calibration, or medical conditions that may affect the accuracy of the results. An experienced DUI attorney will have the knowledge and expertise to challenge these test results in court effectively.

Another defense tactic that a DUI attorney may use is questioning the legality of the traffic stop. Law enforcement officers must have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop a vehicle. If it can be demonstrated that the officer lacked sufficient justification for pulling you over, it may lead to the dismissal of the DUI charges against you.

When should you contact a DUI attorney?

If you are facing DUI charges, it is essential to hire a skilled and experienced DUI attorney such as those at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. as soon as possible. They will protect your rights, analyze the evidence against you, and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your case. By having a knowledgeable attorney by your side, you increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome, whether it’s a dismissal of charges, a reduction in penalties, or an acquittal. Contact The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. today to schedule a risk-free consultation with a DC DUI attorney.

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