Bodily Injury Law Firm DC

Bodily Injury Law Firm DCOur bodily injury law firm DC victims can turn to for support should be one of your first calls if you have suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent party. We know that the damages you are facing following such an accident can be extensive. Because of this, you deserve compensation for your losses and deserve to have the opportunity to hold the responsible party accountable. It’s crucial that when a victim is considering legal action, they are careful not to make missteps along the way. Ensuring that you do not make any mistakes can help safeguard your legal claim and assist in retaining the best possible outcome for your case. The following are tips The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. has provided if you have experienced injury and are pursuing legal action:

Tip #1 Promptly Seek Medical Care

Regardless of whether you choose to take legal action, you must seek medical care to receive the proper medical treatment for your injuries. In addition to diagnosing underlying medical conditions, seeking treatment can provide you with the diagnosis of injuries and the treatment you need. However, should you determine that you will take legal action, medical documentation will provide you with evidence that will help prove your claim and allow you to receive the compensation you need to recover your losses. 

Tip #2 Follow Doctor’s Orders

While you may have seen a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of your injuries, your doctor’s recommendations for the days ahead will be critical. Our personal injury lawyer in DC shares that not only will treatment recommendations play a significant role in a full recovery, it will also be a vital component to your case. Should you not follow doctor’s orders, it could leave the insurance adjusters to question the severity of your injuries and your claim’s validity altogether.  

Tip #3 Refrain from Posting on Social Media

Social media is a way that people across the world communicate with their loved ones about their lives. While this is a perfectly normal way to communicate in this day in age, you mustn’t discuss your personal injury case on social media. The content posted could be used as evidence against you in your case by the opposing side and could ultimately cost you the compensation you deserve. 

Tip #4 Don’t Accept a Settlement Before Consulting with a Lawyer

If you have been injured, there are a few scenarios that you may be left to contend with. Sometimes, the defendant’s insurance company may approach you with a settlement offer. The insurance company will likely present you with an initial offer after you have submitted a demand letter. Be aware that this first offer is often a low ball settlement to get you to settle your case for far less than it is worth. You must never accept a settlement offer before consulting with a lawyer. They will be able to review the offer and advise you over whether you should accept or continue negotiations. 

The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. is here to help accident victims when they need them most. The devastation that ensues following an accident can forever alter the life of a victim. We want to make sure that you take the proper action so that your case reaches a resolution that is favorable to you. Start receiving the help you deserve by contacting our bodily injury law firm in Washington DC by scheduling a consultation before it’s too late.