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After a car accident, a person can endure a wide variety and severity of injuries. It is not uncommon for someone to experience a great amount of knee pain from the collision. The knees can suffer pain due to a direct impact of force from the steering wheel, car door, dashboard, glass and/or metal fragments. Here we cover what to expect during your first appointment and evaluation in a chiropractor’s office. Make it a point to let your chiropractor know you were recently involved in a car crash. A PG County knee pain doctor can help you with any additional questions.

Car Accident Details

Your chiropractor will likely ask you about the accident, including what body parts suffered the most injury, where you were hit and from which direction the impact came from. These details can help your chiropractor determine which areas may need the most realignment. For knee pain, your chiropractor may ask which series of knee injury symptoms you have observed thus far. The common symptoms and signs of a knee injury can include the following:

  • Heavy bruising (purple, blue & green)
  • Stiffness & swelling
  • Skin is very warm to the touch
  • Instability when standing
  • Knee gives out and feel weakened
  • High fever in combination with redness & swelling
  • Popping, crunching or other odd friction is felt when moving
  • Inability to fully straighten or flex the knee
  • Unable to bear weight onto the knee
  • Obvious deformity around knee cap

Diagnostic Testing

In order to assist in providing the most accurate diagnosis possible, your chiropractor will likely perform an x-ray or other imaging machinery intending to identify degrees of body misalignment. The technology used in a chiropractor’s office may vary greatly from what you have experienced during your primary doctor visit. The goal of chiropractic care is to get the body back into correct positioning, which can help the body start to heal itself.

Examination & Adjustment of Spine

Your chiropractor may start by evaluating the spine for misalignments. Spine health is a key component on our overall bodily functioning. Adjustments of the spine are known to help kick start the body’s self-healing response, in which anti-inflammatory properties are released and transported throughout the body. Once inflammation decreases, blood flow can increase and injured areas can now fully receive a beneficial supply of nutrients.

Knee Realignment

Once the spine is back into proper placement, a knee realignment can be performed, helping the knee ligaments and muscles return to optimal functioning. After the first manipulation, your chiropractor can establish a future treatment plan, as more than one adjustment will most likely be required. In combination to knee realignments, a chiropractor may recommend massage therapy and at-home exercises too.

Alternative to Surgery

Patients often consult with a chiropractor after their primary doctor tells them surgery is the only option left in order to find freedom from knee pain. Committing to an operation is a very serious decision to make, and it is understandable when patients try all other options first. Chiropractic medicine can be a great alternative for people who are concerned about the risks of anesthesia and potential complications post surgery.


Thanks to our friends and contributors from I Hate Knee Pain for their insight into chiropractic appointments.


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