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A workers’ compensation case is difficult enough to have to go through. It can take time to go through and despite knowing that you have a work-related injury, you still have to undergo an investigation. You may even have to deal with private investigators hired by the insurance company. Here’s what you need to know about your privacy rights and the rights of the insurers.

Why Do Insurers Hire Private Investigators?

Insurers hire a private investigator so that they know for sure that you are telling the truth about your injury. Unfortunately, they may also be looking for a way to spin your injury. The insurance agency will do whatever they can to make sure that they do not have to pay. While this doesn’t always work, it isn’t uncommon for a private investigator to do whatever he or she can to make sure that the company does not have to pay as much as you deserve to receive.

Private investigators simply watch the client in his or her daily life. Then, he or she may encounter friends, family members and even the person’s spouse. The investigator will normally ask questions, take videos and pictures of the home and those who hang out at the home. If you are in public, anyone can take your photo. The questions that the PI’s normally ask will help the court determine your judge of character.

When Is It an Illegal Invasion of Privacy?

A lot of people believe that taking photos, video and even talking with the neighbors is a form of privacy invasion. The truth is that video and photos are still legal as long as it happens in a public space. A PI may also question your friends and family to make sure that you are telling the truth. They may also fake emergencies or pretend to be another person to gain evidence. There is very little that constitutes as breaking the law when it comes to invading someone’s privacy.

Now, if there are people who are bold enough to look through your window or to take videos while you’re in your home, then these people are in clear violation of trespassing laws.

When it comes to workers’ compensation, it’s difficult for most people to navigate by themselves. Usually, it’s bad enough that you already have to deal with being injured, much less handling anything else. Hopefully, that this guide helps you to understand the role of private investigators in this industry. For more information, contact a workers compensation lawyer in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Thanks to Hickey & Turim, SC for their insight into workers compensation and insurance companies.


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