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In the wake of any kind of vehicle accident, you may find yourself wondering whether you need a Chicago car accident lawyer on your side. After all, if your insurance company isn’t offering you enough money to cover your medical bills and other expenses, it can be tempting to reach out to a personal injury lawyer and file a lawsuit against the person who hit you, their insurance company, or both. However, in some cases, hiring an attorney is completely unnecessary. Here are five reasons why you do not need a lawyer after a crash according to our friends at Disparti Law.

Insurance Companies Take Care of It

Insurance companies take care of everything for you, so it’s not necessary to hire an attorney. Your insurance company will reach out to the other driver’s insurance company and you will be covered. In some cases your car accident lawyer might be able to give you a referral to a doctor or other service that is helpful but in many cases these services are readily available without needing an attorney. If you are in a small accident with minimal to no damage, insurance can take care of everything. It is most likely not necessary to contact an attorney at that point.

The Crash Was Not Bad

If the accident was not a bad one, there is really no need to hire a lawyer. If the crash just left a small scrape on the vehicle or property damage, or you were involved in the crash but not at fault, then you do not need to worry about hiring a lawyer to represent you. There are many reasons that people hire lawyers after accidents and it is important to know if your situation warrants a legal professional. Most times cars have been greatly damaged to the point where insurance companies are not cooperative on getting them fixed; that is when you should contact an attorney.

You Were Not Injured

In many instances, it can be very beneficial to hire a lawyer in the event of an accident. However, for those who were not injured and were not at fault, there is often no reason to involve lawyers. The police will file the necessary reports and there is no need to involve attorneys because in these cases, liability is clear-cut. Additionally, if you are not at fault and your injuries are limited to pain or emotional trauma that cannot be easily quantified, hiring a lawyer will typically do more harm than good as they are trying to collect compensation while insurance companies may simply offer settlements as a way of avoiding litigation.

Your Car Was Not Damaged

If your car was not damaged and you were not injured, the damage amount was low, or you have liability insurance, it may not be worth hiring a lawyer. Instead, speak with your insurance company to handle the legal work and process any claims. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive and lengthy as lawyers might require countless meetings to discuss facts about the case. If you are unsure about how much time you want to spend on your claim, contact an attorney who specializes in auto accidents. There are many attorneys who provide free initial consultations or retainers which will lessen some of the upfront cost while still allowing them time to work on your case if they choose to take it.

An Attorney Can Be Expensive

Hiring an attorney for a case where there is minimal damage and no injuries will most likely end up costing you more than it is worth.

However, if you are in a bad crash with injuries, contact an attorney immediately.


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