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Many people are turning to Uber and Lyft for transportation instead of cab companies. While ride-sharing is a universally available transportation method, it creates some complexity when dealing with the aftermath of a collision. However, despite the insurance discrepancies, auto collisions require the same steps after the fact.

Assess the Severity of the Accident

It’s necessary immediately following the collision to determine the necessity of emergency services. If the accident resulted in several injuries and those injuries are especially traumatic, 911 should be contacted. However, if the accident was minor and the wounds are also, the incident may not require an immediate emergency response.

Contact Emergency Services

For minor accidents, you want to call the local police department to inform dispatch of the wreck.  Dispatch will then contact units in the immediate area and send them to your location to document and investigate the scene. Police officers will gather witness statements and determine the cause of the accident for their official report.


Take Pictures or Video of the Aftermath

While the police officers on the scene will document the accident, it is a good idea to get your own proof. You want to take pictures of the Lyft vehicle and the other cars involved in the accident. It is also a good idea to take pictures of any injuries that you sustained during the collision. All of the photos and videos you take will be valuable when you file your claim with the insurer and show them to a White Plains, NY car & truck accident lawyer like one from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C.

Gather Contact Information

While most people know that it is a typical practice to get the information of the drivers involved in the wreck, it is also a good idea to get any witnesses’ contact information. Aside from asking for names and phone numbers, it can help to get a detailed record of their account. Having this information on hand when you file a claim with the Lyft insurer or the other driver’s insurance will only boost your credibility.

Seek Medical Attention

When you have minor injuries on a scene, it’s understandable if you deny an ambulance ride. However, damages received during a collision do not always present themselves immediately. Therefore, you should see your physician and ensure you are thoroughly examined to determine any possible injuries from the accident. If you do not see your doctor the same day as the accident or close to it, it is relatively easy for insurance companies to refute your claim.

It is recommended that anyone injured in a rideshare accident seek legal representation or advice. Contact a local car accident attorney for assistance.


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