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Truck accident victims taking legal action in the wake of a trucking accident, are likely to have a multitude of questions regarding the fee structure of an accident attorney. When finances have been so significantly impacted, it’s only natural for a person to carefully weigh their options. Because of this, you will likely want to retain as much of the settlement you stand to obtain as possible. However, accident attorneys offer a number of advantages. Not only do they have the ability to properly value your claim, they stand to play a key role in negotiating the settlement you are entitled to. Trucking accident attorneys are well aware of the hardship their clients may experience following an accident. As a result, many work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they do not take money from you, until they successfully obtain a settlement offer.

Contingency Fees Defined

Contingency fees are designed to help accident victims who may be struggling financially to seek justice for the damages they have experienced. Unfortunately, without access to this type of payment structure, many accident victims would be unable to afford the services of an attorney for their accident cases. When an attorney agrees to a contingency fee, they do not collect payment unless they win your case.

Standard Contingency Fees

Once a settlement has been awarded to the victim, attorneys then are able to retain payment for the services they have provided. In most cases, accident attorneys collect one third of the settlement for their services. However, truck accident victims should be aware of additional hidden costs. Although an attorney will retain one third of the settlement, any additional legal fees such as expert witnesses, mediation fees, and court fees will also be deducted from the settlement.

Choosing Strong Cases

For an accident victim, there is a lot riding on your case. Many accident victims are struggling to cover their expenses due to their inability to work and incessant medical bills piling up. This is especially the case for truck accident victims who stand to face significant injuries after an accident. Because attorneys working on a contingency fee basis do not get paid unless they represent a successful suit, there is a lot riding for them on your case as well. Because of this, trucking accident attorneys may be choosy when meeting with prospective clients. It’s not likely for truck accident attorneys to take on cases where there is little to no chance they will be able to win.

Proceed with Caution

When in the process of obtaining an attorney, accident victims should proceed with caution, especially when considering contingency fees. Contingency fees can provide with many the ability to retain legal counsel who otherwise would not be able to afford it. However, it’s important to have a clear understanding of how contingency fees work. Contingency fee structures are common in accident law in efforts to help victims who are financially struggling. Prior to moving forward with any attorney, make sure that you have a clear idea of their fee structure. This can help you have a clear picture for moving forward while ensuring there are no surprises should you obtain a settlement.

Have you experienced horrible injuries and believe the truck driver and trucking company should be held responsible? Speak with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. They will answer your questions, outline strategies for moving forward and determine whether they are willing to take on your case. Should you require a truck accident lawyer Washington, DC trusts who works on a contingency fee basis, make sure that you have a clear outline of their fee structure prior to moving forward.

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