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Product Liability Accident Lawyer

Have you ever seen news articles or announcements pertaining to class action lawsuits? Have you wondered whether you are eligible to be part of one? When it comes to product liability cases, you may have the ability to participate in a class action lawsuit. As a result, you will likely have a number of questions regarding what a class action lawsuit actually is. If you have been injured from a defective product, it is wise to consider initiating the legal process with the help of a product liability lawyer to determine how you should put your best foot forward. 

What is a class action lawsuit?

When it comes to product liability, there may be some situations that involve multiple people. Meaning several people were harmed or injured from the same defective product. Much of the time, injuries that have been suffered are similar to one another and are often the result of the same defect. Sometimes filing an individual case is not as worthwhile compared to a group of people making the same claims. Meaning, if you were to pursue the case on your own, the compensation may be smaller. But this is certainly not always the case and consulting with a lawyer about your situation for advice is key. If you were to take part in a class action lawsuit with a group of individuals who were impacted, you may be able to hire an attorney and obtain compensation as a result. 

Are their benefits to participating in a class action lawsuit?

As a product liability accident lawyer from Cohen Injury Law Group, P.C. explains, there are a number of benefits to participating in a class action lawsuit. Much of the time there is very little expected of you. Additionally, a class action lawsuit allows those to take legal action who may not have the money or resources to hire a lawyer. Class action lawsuits offer benefits that include:

  • Reduce the impact on courtrooms so that they hear one case rather than hundreds or even thousands
  • Provide victims with compensation
  • The cost to bring forth a lawsuit is much less for a group of people than it would be for an individual
  • Strength in numbers, the defendant is more likely to settle when there are multiple parties involved

How do I become part of a class action lawsuit?

For a class action lawsuit, you will have to make sure to sign up so you are included before the deadline date, otherwise you could miss out on compensation. There may be lawsuits that you are automatically a part of, however, once a settlement has been received, you will likely need to take steps by completing a claim. Much of the time these are available to complete online or through the mail. It’s important to be aware that not all product liability cases are class action cases. Although there may be some defective products that have harmed a number of people, in some cases it may be necessary to file your own claim or lawsuit for compensation. 

When it comes to defective products, unfortunately, multiple parties may be impacted. Class action lawsuits may not yield large payouts to individuals but knowing that the defendant has had to pay for their negligence can give many peace of mind. If you have been injured from a defective product, it’s best to speak with a product liability lawyer to determine the most appropriate way to move forward with your case.


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