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A recently-filed lawsuit may be of interest to people in the District of Columbia. The case, filed in a California federal court, involves a military veteran who was seriously injured when a giant pine cone fell on his head.

According to news reports about the case, the man was taking a break under the tree while visiting a park. The pine cone fell on his head, necessitating two surgeries. Reportedly, he will also require another procedure. Court documents indicate that he suffered irreversible brain injuries as a result of the pine cone’s crashing down upon him.

The man has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the San Francisco Maritime Historical National Park, the Department of the Interior, the National Parks Service and the U.S. Government. Since the incident occurred, the park has blocked off the grove of trees and put up warning signs about the falling seed pods.

Property owners hold a responsibility to maintain premises they own in order to help prevent injuries to guests and invitees on their properties. When this duty is violated and a person is injured, the property owner may be held to be civilly liable under a legal theory called premises liability. A person who has suffered a serious injury due to a property owner’s negligent failure to maintain the property in a safe condition they may be able to recover damages. A personal injury attorney might help by identifying all potential defendants that should be named in a resulting suit. They may then draft and file the complaint for their client, seeking appropriate compensation for the damages that have been sustained.

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