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When a loved one enters into a nursing home, there is an expectation of care. Residents of nursing home facilities need help caring for themselves. While some patients may be capable of more independence than others may, the truth is that all patients deserve high-quality care and should not be subject to abuse or neglect. If your loved one is a patient in a home but does not have a contract, you may be unsure of your rights. Here is what you need to know if you spot any signs of neglect or abuse.

Duty of Care

Whenever you are dealing with medical professionals, there is a duty of care. This standard is based on what any reasonable person in that profession would do with the circumstances given. When it comes to nursing homes, if you see your loved one dropping weight or if he or she looks as if his or her hygiene is going south, then the caregivers may not be upholding their standard of care. Patients should have their basic needs taken care of, on top of any specific needs that they have.

Reports of Abuse

If you see any sign of neglect or abuse, you should report it as soon as possible. While you should always ask your loved one about the signs, you should also trust your instincts. If you think that there may be neglect occurring, then there are officials that you can report it to. It does not matter if you have a contract with the facility. You can report it to the supervisors or upper management of the care facility. If that does not work, then you can report it to a government agency. There is always a reporting system.

In addition, you can file a lawsuit against the nursing home when you suspect that he or she is abusing or neglecting your loved one. These damages have financial value. No one should have to suffer neglect in a care facility and it is important to take action when you see it.

When it comes to nursing home neglect, contracts do not matter. When a patient enters a facility, he or she has an expectation that the medical providers will offer a certain standard of care. A lack of a contract does not eliminate that duty of care. Do not hesitate to call a nursing home lawyer at the first signs of abuse or neglect! A consultation today can help you begin your journey into collecting the damages that you deserve.


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