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In most brain injury cases, there’s a third party at fault for the injury. The injured individual would then be entitled to compensation from the responsible party. This often results in lawsuits and court appearances, making a lawyer an essential part of dealing with a brain injury. What will a lawyer do? Each attorney handles different cases in unique ways, though the following are some typical resources available to you when you hire a brain injury attorney.

Expert Consultation

Often times, your case will require a consultation with an expert. The court may not recognize particular individuals with information about your case, so the lawyer would go ahead and find the right professionals to have a positive impact on your case. The professionals and experts consulted may speak toward the accident that caused the injury, the injury itself or the behavior of the individual who caused the accident.

Investigative Services

A lawyer has resources to conduct a thorough investigation into your case. It’s possible the responsible party will try to downplay the incident so as not to be required to pay much in compensation. Your lawyer can collect photographic evidence, surveillance videos, and witness statements to show the incident was the fault of the other party.

Negotiating a Settlement

Sometimes a settlement isn’t easy to agree on. It could go back and forth multiple times, which would require the expertise of a brain injury lawyer. A qualified attorney knows what’s fair, what you are entitled to, and how to get the most for the situation you are in. Negotiation goes beyond settling on a number and may include offering evidence and sound reasoning for the damages you are seeking.

Resolving Liens

In some brain injury cases, there are certain entities that will put a lien on your settlement. For example, if your medical insurance provider paid for your medical bills while you were in the middle of your lawsuit, the insurer could place a lien that ensures the provider receives compensation before you receive any of your settlement money. Your lawyer can do all the busy work of resolving all liens on your settlement, as well as get you the remainder of what you are owed in the end.

Contacting a Lawyer Today

As you can see, there are some important reasons you should get legal help in dealing with your brain injury. You have to deal with the physical and emotional recovery, so it’s best you let a lawyer deal with the financial and legal side of things. Contact a lawyer today for answers to your questions.


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