DUI Attorney MD

How do I get Strategy & Guidance for DUI Criminal Defense CasesWhen a person is arrested having been accused of driving while under the influence of operating a vehicle, he or she may feel a surge of sheer panic at the potential repercussions. It is essential that someone accused of a crime seeks a DUI attorney MD trusts at The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn for guidance, and who is familiar with utilizing aggressive defensive strategies. We understand that this charge could impact your future for many, many years to come. We can offer supportive and professional representation to help get you ready for your trial date.  

Evidence Elements

When an officer makes an arrest of a suspected DUI, there are many forms of evidence they may use against you in the courtroom. A DUI attorney in Maryland at The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn can help you fight against these claims. Before an officer tests a driver for blood alcohol level, they may make incorrect assumptions if your appearance seems messy, your eyes look tired or if you are not fully articulate. These observations could easily be misinterpreted, when perhaps there was another reason for the unkempt appearance. Maybe you were driving home late at night from work exhausted, or were recently very sick and recovering from an illness.

Examples of evidence the officer may have collected at the scene, and can be used against you include the following:

  • Officer statements of the driver’s appearance (if he or she looked flushed, bloodshot eyes, smell of alcohol on the breath, or slurred speech)
  • Whether the driver made incriminating statements at the time of the arrest
  • Photos, video or verbal recordings of the interaction, or scene of arrest
  • Officer statements regarding the driver’s behavior or body language that could be inferred as being under the influence
  • Officer statements about the result of the driver’s field sobriety test

Poorly Handled Field or Lab Testing

It is always possible that the officer who tested your blood alcohol level did not correctly calibrate the breathalyzer beforehand. Or, the laboratory could have mishandled your blood or urine sample, leading to a false result. An experienced Maryland DUI attorney at The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn can investigate these very small yet vastly influential details, to hopefully increase your chances of the charge being dropped or at least greatly reduced.

Seeking a Qualified Attorney

Those who are looking to save some cash may consider hiring a public defender. However, do keep in mind that the person you decide to hire can be hugely influential in whether you are charged with the maximum penalty, or walk away with dropped charges. A public defender may not charge a fee, but you could end up paying the high price of time behind bars. A DUI attorney in Maryland at The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn can provide the attention and energy required of your case.

It can be crucial to your case to obtain legal representation earlier on, versus waiting until it is absolutely necessary. The more time you give your attorney to work on your behalf, the stronger your defense case can be. Reach out to us so we can schedule you a free new client consultation with an DUI attorney MD relies on at The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn immediately.