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Most cases where an accident occurs as a result of somebody driving under the influence require a DUI lawyer. After all, if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you probably have what seems like a hundred questions about what will happen next. This is especially true if this is your first DUI arrest. This article aims to provide answers to two of the broadest and most commonly asked of these questions. Remember, there is no substitute for consulting with an experienced DUI attorney in Maryland and hiring them to advocate on your behalf in court. A competent, local attorney will be able to analyze your claim against your state’s law and provide sound recommendations for your defense. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider before contacting a DUI attorney:

2. What can I do to contest DUI charges? There are many different ways for you to contest a DUI charge, depending on the state where you allegedly committed the crime and the facts of your case. Some potentially available defenses include: 

  • Contesting Probable Cause: Generally, a police officer must have a reasonable belief that you are committing a crime before they can stop your car and conduct a test for drunk driving. In many cases, it is enough for the officer to say that the driver committed a minor traffic infraction, but the standard for pulling a driver over varies by state. For example, you may be able to contest a DUI if you were pulled over without committing any traffic infractions.
  • Inaccurate testing: You may also be able to contest the validity of various DUI tests that aim to estimate your blood alcohol content. Road tests such as walking in a straight line, hand-eye coordination testing, or alphabet or number recitation testing are not always reliable. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case and your own personal handicaps, you may be able to contest the results of a road test. You can also, under some circumstances, contest the results of a blood or breath alcohol test if you believe the police officer lacked probable cause for administering the test, if testing methods were improper, or you have certain health conditions that may skew the test results.
2. What kind of sentence could I get? DUI charges are often considered misdemeanors, which carry a small potential jail sentence, fine and sometimes involve a brief period during which you will lose your driver’s license. If, however, you have been charged with multiple DUIs, if your blood alcohol level was significantly over the legal limit, or if you were involved in an accident at the time of your DUI that caused damage to property or injury to a person, you could be facing felony charges. Felony DUI charges can result in several years’ imprisonment, hefty fines, and long-term loss of your license.
DUI charges is a nerve-wracking experience because the law regarding your potential defenses can be complicated, and because there is so much at stake. Your best bet for preparing a strong defense to your claim is to hire an experienced DUI attorney MD residents would recommend. Call The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. to arrange a consultation today.