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Car accidents can create an environment of panic and fear, but to be productive after a wreck, it is essential to remain calm, especially when pregnant. Surviving a car accident is about staying conscious and alert. Therefore, to help keep your mind focused, try answering the seven following questions, which may help save your life, and keep others safe.

  1. Are You OK?

As any expectant mother can attest, pregnancy is fragile, and you have to take care all the way through to ensure the safe arrival of your child. Therefore, after an accident, pay special attention to how you are feeling. Are you having contractions, experiencing any abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding? If you are, then stay where you are and call 911, requesting a paramedic and informing them of your condition.

  1. Is Everyone Else OK?

If you are OK, then you can feel free to check on the condition of the other passengers and drivers. You should see if everyone is conscious and alert, taking note of any symptoms so you can inform an emergency operator.

  1. Has Anyone Called 911?

It is understandable if no one has called 911 because a car accident is a confusing situation. However, if no one has, you should immediately do so. You want to get emergency services to the scene of the accident as soon as possible to avoid any severe or life-threatening injuries.

  1. Are You Safe?

Once you know an ambulance is on the way, you should move away from the wreckage. Find a place on the curb or off of the road. While many drivers are more cautious around accidents, there still is a chance of another accident.

  1. Have You Collected Contact Information?

After everyone is safe, you can gather contact information. You’ll want to get the insurance and license information of the drivers involved in the crash. Also, collect the names and phone numbers of any passengers and witnesses, if they are willing to give them.

  1. Did You Document the Scene?

Next, take out your phone and begin documenting the scene. You want to create a record of your injuries and any property damage as well. Also, you want pictures of the scene as a whole for claim work later.

  1. Do You Need to Call an Attorney?

Yes. While not every accident will merit litigation, it is crucial to seek legal counsel to understand your rights.

Car accidents are terrifying, especially if you are pregnant. The best thing you can do is stay calm and document the scene. Once things have settled, contact an auto accident lawyer and discuss your options moving forward.



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