DUI Attorney VA

DUI Attorney VAIf you’ve charged in a drunk driving related incident, a DUI attorney VA residents are proud to have on their side can be critically important to defending your rights. At The Law Offices of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., our team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers want to help you through the legal process. We’re not only adept negotiators — able to devise and execute plea bargains that are in your best interest, but also aggressive trial attorneys who will defend your due process against any infringement on your rights. With a DUI attorney VA residents turn to on our team, you can feel confident that your case is in capable hands.

Providing Professional Legal Guidance

When you hire a DUI attorney VA drivers respect, you should receive professional guidance about every step of the legal process. Part of an attorney’s job is to help you maneuver through the legal process, to to help you understand various factors and processes in your case. A top DUI attorney in VA on our team will want to keep you informed of your case’s status, and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Thoroughly Investigating the Case

In some cases, DUI attorneys visit the location or scene where the arrest was made. Surveillance video, breathalyzer or blood tests and any other relevant evidence may be examined with a fine tooth comb. This is done to verify claims or statements made by officials or bystanders. At The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn, a DUI attorney VA drivers trust on our team will work diligently to uncover the facts of your case.

Reaching a Plea Agreement

A DUI attorney VA residents can count on understands when negotiating a plea deal is in your best interest. After discussing your options with your, he or she may be able to talk with the prosecutor to get your sentenced reduced, have your criminal record expunged, your license returned, or any number of other options that can help reduce the lasting effects of a DUI conviction.

Managing the Legal Process

When you are required to go to court for a DUI, there is typically be a number of legal documents which must be filed in a specific manner and on time. By not doing so, further penalties or confusion could potentially arise. It may be in your best interest to leave these important tasks to a top DUI attorney VA has to offer to ensure they’re done right.

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We understand DUIs carry heavy penalties including fines, increased insurance rates, points, jail time or a revocation of a driver’s license. All of these consequences may have a rippling effect on an individual’s life. At The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn, we understand that sometimes people make mistakes and believe that DUI charges don’t have to ruin your life. If you or a family member is looking for the representation of a DUI attorney VA drivers trust to defend their rights, contact The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. now for a free consultation at (571) 364-6727.