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When choosing a pet at the pound or shelter, the first question that crosses your mind probably isn’t “will he bite someone if provoked”? Instead, you are thinking of different ways to welcome this new addition to your family—where you want their toy basket to go and what type of food you want to feed them. Unfortunately, a dog can turn vicious for seemingly no reason, leading to some very scary situations for all who are involved. The owners of these dogs are responsible for the actions and injuries inflicted on other animals or humans. In many cases, injuries from dog attacks can lead to severe emotional distress or physical pain, like serious infections from a bite wound.

Why do dogs attack?

Many victims of dog attacks are children or senior citizens, and because of their potential immobility or inability to defend themselves, they can sustain serious damage to their bodies from an attack. The following list outlines common reasons a dog might attack:

  • Defensive. This can be directed at family or strangers who approach the dog too quickly when it is afraid
  • Dominance aggression. This behavior is usually directed at someone who disturbs the dog while resting, attempts to hold it, pet it, or pick it up, or takes something from the dog
  • Territorial Aggression. This behavior is directed at strangers who approach the home of the dog’s owner or the owner
  • Pain-elicited aggression. This is directed at anyone who approaches the dog while it is experiencing pain or has sustained an injury
  • Predatory aggression. This is directed at small animals and children or people who are considered weaker than the dog

Proving Liability

Although a victim’s rights vary from state to state (and even city), there are a few laws a victim can rely on. In each state, a victim can receive compensation from:

  1. A person who owns a dog and has knowledge that the dog has a history of injuring or biting people
  2. A person who violated a local leash law or a law that prohibits dogs from running free
  3. An owner whose negligence causes the dog to attack the victim
  4. The victim of the dog attack can receive compensation from the owner of the dog based on the state’s “dog bite statute”. This means that in many cases, even if the dog has never bitten or injured a person before, the owner is still responsible for the dog’s bites, and
  5. In other cases, your homeowner’s insurance might pay for the medical fees directly related to your dog bite attack, covering medical bills and even reconstructive surgery.

Call a Firm Today

If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog bite or attack, the physical damage and emotional distress can be devastating. Call a dog bite lawyer to get your questions answered, help guide you through the legal processes, and work to get the compensation that you are owed.


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