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Construction workers have one of the hardest jobs physically, in often dangerous settings – even when following precaution. These employees work under intense conditions, strict time deadlines, and raw exposure to the elements. They do this while manipulating dangerous equipment at often incredibly high heights. However, there is one particular area of the construction industry that claims more back injuries than others – the ironworkers.

A study released by the U.S. Department of Labor found that ironworkers have one of the highest injury rates in almost all careers surveyed. Those employed as ironworkers suffer from an array of injuries varying from back strain, pulled muscles, to burns and falls. Ironworkers may find themselves one day on a roof, bent over at the waist, twisting, and tying steel beams together. This uncomfortable and quickly painful position is held for hours, day after day. 

Another week, the average ironworker may be cramped into a small workspace, bent in awkward positions to fit where installation must occur. Upon completion, ironworkers then stretch high above to reach ceiling beams, while once again, holding an extended, awkward position for hours. Ironworkers must also transport very heavy equipment, lifted and carried by hand to various distances, and loosen rusted and seized bolts. The risk of injury in either situation is high due to the abnormal strain and stress placed on the back. These small pains can create permanent injuries. Distraction from pain can lead to fatigue, leading to an increased likelihood of injury to themselves and their coworkers.  

Under such stressful and dangerous conditions, ironworkers must always stay alert, follow OSHA protocol, and wear the highest level of safety equipment available to avoid permanent injury or death. The failure of one team member to secure a latch or clean up a spill at the worksite could create a chaotic and deadly workspace, leading to injury or death. Even with your best efforts, accidents do happen and can be tragic to those involved. Medical bills, physical therapy, lost work wages all add up quickly, and to significant amounts.

If you have been injured at a construction site, you may find it useful to speak to a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation and evaluation of your case. Personal injury attorneys have decades of experience finding financial restitution for those injured at a dangerous work site.


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