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Any mother will tell you that pregnancy is not easy. Growing a baby inside you takes a heavy toll on the body. It can put tremendous strain on muscles, bones and joints. Chiropractic work could be an effective solution to manage many of these pains and irritations. Some women many wonder whether it is a wise idea to visit a chiropractor and get adjustments during this ninth-month period. The good news is that these treatments should not present health concerns for the mother-to-be.

Customizing the Care

During a regular physical therapy appointment, the chiropractor will lay the patient on a table and perform the adjustments. The chiropractor will apply a sudden, controlled force to the affected area in order to manipulate the spine or other joints. Fortunately, the chiropractor can cater to this treatment to fit the pregnant patient’s needs. This may include lowering or raising the table or using a pillow or cushion to enhance the woman’s comfort. The chiropractor may use an instrument instead of his or her hands when applying force. The amount of pressure may also differ, depending on how sensitive the area may be.

How the Treatments Help With Pregnancy

Adjustments can be particularly difficult for a woman’s spine and pelvis. During this period, the spine can become out of alignment, putting a lot of pressure on the pelvis. Adjustments can help bring these back into proper alignment, thus alleviating pain and discomfort. The treatment may play a role in giving relief to the hips and other joints. It is most effective to start your treatment at the beginning of the pregnancy and to go all the way through to the end.

Confidence in Your Chiropractor 

Most chiropractors have the training to help pregnant patients. Some chiropractors even specialize in providing care for mothers-to-be. These chiropractors have years of experience helping pregnant patients like you. Specialists have additional training and hands-on practice working with patients in all trimesters. If you are pregnant and want to get adjustments, talk to your chiropractor about your needs and goals. The chiropractor will be sensitive and mindful of your aches and pains.

Safety Issues

You should have peace of mind to know that treatment should be safe during your pregnancy. There is nothing to suggest you should worry about your well-being during these visits. Share any concerns with the chiropractor.

In most cases, you can see a chiropractor while pregnant right up until the time you deliver. Make an appointment today and start your treatment.




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