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On a hot summer day, nothing is better than having your own private pool in the back yard. Though pools can be a lot of maintenance, many people across the country are willing to put in the work to have their own swimming areas to enjoy. However, swimming pools can pose a serious risk to those around them. Because of these dangers, pools can be a significant liability issues if not properly maintained.

As it is the property owner’s’ responsibility to maintain and supervise their pool, it is crucial that private pool areas be fenced in to keep out any unwanted or unsuspecting visitors. Keeping your swimming pool private protects you from being liable for any injuries sustained by a person who has accidentally, or purposefully, wandered into your pool. A good example of this risk is young children who might wander onto your property, not understanding that the pool is private. As inexperienced swimmers, these children may suffer serious injury in the pool unsupervised, and the pool owner could be held accountable for these injuries.

Most private pool owners do not feel the need to put up the signs and warnings you see at a public pool. However, even if a pool is private property and closed off to the public, it is still a good idea to put up signs warning against running and notifying swimmers of the depths of the pool. These signs communicate dangers to visitors of your swimming pool, and can help to protect you from being found liable should any of your guests injure themselves in your swimming pool.

Though it is best to make sure there are no surfaces which will be slick when wet around the swimming pool, if there are some that are unavoidable make sure that they are clearly labeled. Further, never allow any children to play or swim in the pool unattended, be them your own children or the children of others. Even if a child claims they know how to swim, young children can tire easily and leaving them alone for even a moment can be disastrous.

Many pool owners will seek extended homeowner’s liability insurance to cover their swimming pool, and protect them from any legal issues that may come from having the swimming pool. If there has been an accident in your pool, you should contact a skilled personal injury attorney Atlanta GA can count on as soon as possible to make sure that you understand the specific laws of your state.


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