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The airbag was created to guard and protect, but is also responsible for immobilizing and permanent injuries in car accidents. Although airbag associated injuries are rare, if an individual obtains an injury from an airbag, it means that they have gone through a traumatic car accident. In 1997, 53 lives were taken as a result of airbags being deployed in accidents. During significant impact, car sensors deploy airbags hidden in the dashboard on the passenger’s side, and within the steering wheel on the drivers side.

How Airbags Cause Injuries

If the driver or passenger is sitting very close to the airbag when it deploys, they are at a higher risk of being injured by it. It is advised that you sit at minimum 10 inches from the airbag in front of you. Because airbags are known to deploy very fast, the sheer impact can cause severe injury. The process of airbag deployment uses hot gases and can be problematic if those gases get released into the car. A frequently occurring airbag related injury is if an airbag deploys late or fails and is the result of a car malfunction. It is common in old cars for the airbag to deploy in an overpowering way, with a lot of force. Fractured ribs, bones in the face, sternum, and ribs are common among the injuries sustained. Concussion is rare, however burns from the hot gases that result in deployment are not. Cuts, sprained wrists and fingers, and traumatic brain injury can occur.

Contact an Attorney

If you or a loved one was sustained injury caused an airbag, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your car. You may be compensated for lost wages and medical expenses associated with the accident. If you choose to pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer, your attorney, like an auto accident lawyer can count on, may have to prove that your airbag did not function as it was supposed to. You should try and maintain as much evidence as you can, including keeping your broken airbag. You should not allow your vehicle to go to your insurance company, but instead make sure you still have it in case it needs to be examined. If you have a black box within your car, where your information is recorded regarding if you used the brakes, how fast you were going and if you had your seatbelt on, present the information in your lawsuit.


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