Bike Accident Injury Lawyer Maryland Bike Accident Injury Lawyer Maryland

Our trusted bike accident injury lawyer Maryland riders rely on from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., knows that when you are the victim in a bicycle accident, your injuries may be very severe and the damage done to your bike may be completely irreversible. When you have been injured while riding a bicycle, you may have many questions. What kinds of laws are there that protect you? What if the accident was partially my fault? We are here to answer your questions and put your fears to rest. Similar to motorcycles, you are much less protected when you are on the road. However, our motorcycle accident lawyer MD offers knows that you should still obey the traffic laws of the road. If you have any questions about your bicycle accident injury claim, please set up your initial consultation with our Maryland bike accident injury lawyer now. 

What makes a bicycle so unique?

When it comes to riding on the road, it is important that you know two things:

  • A bicyclist is required to operate their vehicle under the same laws as others on the road.
  • A bicyclist is in a dangerous position because they have nothing on their bike that can protect them when it comes to getting into an accident with another vehicle on the road. 

When you are riding your bike on the road, our bike accident injury lawyer in MD knows that you must follow the same rules as everyone else. You need to learn the hand signals so that you can make appropriate and safe lane changes, you cannot cut out in front of another vehicle, you yield the right of way to pedestrians, and you are not supposed to ride on the sidewalk. 

Determining Negligence

Our Maryland bike accident injury lawyer knows that you may be in a particularly dangerous situation when someone else has hit you on the road. When we prepare your case, we will want to establish who was negligent and how they caused the accident. This is extremely important because it will determine who is responsible for paying you compensation for things like medical bills or lost wages if you needed to take time off of work. However, Maryland is one of the few states that has a much stricter policy when it comes to shared fault. If you were responsible for any percent of the accident, you may not be able to recover any damages at all for your injuries. This is why we will want to go over every detail of your claim to determine who was negligent. 

To see how our MD bike accident injury lawyer can help you with your claim, please contact The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.