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If you have been in a vehicle accident and are injured, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. It is prudent to call your insurance company right away and inform them of the situation. Any good insurance company will ask if you are okay and then assign you an insurance adjuster. The adjuster will review your policy, investigate the accident by requesting the police report, talk to the other driver and/or the other driver’s insurance company, look into your injuries and any medical reports associated with said injuries, evaluate the car and decide on reparation or total loss of vehicle and determine fault. That is all fine, but that insurance adjuster is looking out for the company that they work for. They are looking to settle with as little risk and expense to the insurance company as possible. If there is a question of fault, it can become quite frustrating to deal with the adjuster. In hiring one of the top auto accident lawyers trusts who is experienced in personal injury, you will automatically take yourself out of those stressful discussions and you can rest easy knowing that your attorney will handle your insurance adjustor and the insurance company of the other driver with tact and skill.

The following highlights 5 reasons you are better off if you have an attorney:

  1. Legal jargon can be confusing and complicated. When it comes to compensation for damages, you may need a legal dictionary to understand what it all means. Especially, when there are injuries as a result, the terminology can be convoluted and you may agree to something you don’t understand.
  2. Insurance companies can string you along for months. They are looking out for their own bottom line- not necessarily what is best for you.
  3. An attorney will fight to get you the reparation you deserve. There are many components to damage claims that you may be entitled to. An attorney will seek compensation for medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering and damage to personal property.
  4. A personal injury attorney understands accident injury and will know the right questions to ask you regarding your injuries. Including any delayed symptoms that may indicate further physical issues as a result of the accident. Additionally, our experience enables us to guide you to the best medical attention leading to faster recovery.
  5. The other driver’s insurance company may want you to settle quickly but that will leave you stuck with any future medical costs.

The bottom line is you have suffered a scary, traumatic ordeal and now you are hurt and not sure who you can turn to. Your insurance company appears to care but they are not offering the financial compensation that you know you deserve. The other driver’s insurance company is looking to prove that you are at fault. Not only can this stress prolong the healing of your physical injuries, it can lead to anxiety and depression. Contact a personal injury lawyer today and set up a consultation.   


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