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If you receive a traffic ticket, you may wonder if it is worth hiring an attorney to defend you in traffic court. The answer may be “yes” more often than you think. Even a violation that carries no risk of incarceration and imposes a relatively small fee may have long-lasting consequences that you do not anticipate. A traffic attorney can help you avoid those consequences in the following ways.

1. You May Save Money

Like most lawyers, traffic attorneys charge fees for their services. Unlike most attorneys, however, their fees are usually very affordable. This is because they realize that it is not cost-effective for you to hire an attorney if their fees are more than the amount of the fine.

However, even if the fine is less than what it would cost to hire an attorney, it still may be worthwhile to do so. If you drive for a living, then any traffic conviction could hurt your earning potential. Even if you do not drive professionally, a ticket or conviction could cause a spike in your insurance premium, especially if you are an older driver or an adolescent.

2. You May Make a Significant Impression

Hiring an attorney to represent you in traffic court communicates to the judge that you mean business. The fact that you are willing to hire an attorney to fight the ticket may subtly suggest to the judge that you are innocent of the violation. This favorable impression can only help you.

Meanwhile, a prosecutor may be intimidated by the fact that you hired an attorney. Not only does it show that you are willing to put up a legal fight, but it also means that the prosecutor is going to have to put in a lot more effort than he or she probably would against you alone.

3. Your Attorney Has Knowledge and Experience

You likely do not know the fine subtleties of traffic law. Your attorney does, however. Not only that, but your attorney also has resources at his or her disposal to make the process of investigating and gathering evidence easier than it would be for you alone.

Additionally, your attorney has experience in the courtroom. He or she is almost certainly more comfortable in this setting than you would be by yourself and likely has a good idea of how to appeal to the judge who is presiding over the case.

It may be that your traffic ticket is not worth hiring legal representation. However, one of our Traffic Violation Lawyers can help you make that determination. Contact The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt to arrange a consultation.

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