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Car Accidents

Car accidents happen for various reasons. Inattentiveness, distraction, and speeding are some of the main culprits.  Whatever the reason, if you have been injured in a car accident as a driver, passenger, or even pedestrian, hiring a car accident attorney can be very beneficial to you.  Here are three reasons you should hire a car accident attorney.


  • Someone Is Looking Out for Your Best Interests

Various parties will be involved following a car accident.  Those parties may include 1) the insurance company representing the at-fault party(ies); 2) the insurance company for the injured party; 3) medical provider offices and their billing representatives; 4) attorneys representing other injury victims, and 5) the injured party him/herself.

Navigating the world post-accident can be complex. Oftentimes, the injured party struggles not only with physical injuries, but with the financial and emotional stress that comes with missing work or having to pay for medical care.  In these moments, it is easy to be taken advantage of. It is also easy to forget that everyone involved has someone looking out for them except the injured party him/herself.

Hiring a car accident attorney protects the injured party. An auto accident attorney is laser-focused on one thing – their client. They can track the ongoing medical care and bills and communicate with all insurance companies and attorneys to make sure that their client’s interests are protected.

In essence, the auto accident attorney is the quarterback of their client’s case. This can help relieve much of the post-accident stress victims feel and allow them to focus on the thing they need most – getting better.


  • Attorney-Represented Victims Obtain Significantly Higher Recoveries

If you have been injured in a car accident, hiring an attorney is a serious consideration.  While legal experience is certainly important, to injury victims in car accidents the most important question is “Is hiring a car accident attorney worth it?”

Typical injury victims are unaware of case value and the law on liability or damages.  As such, while an injury victim can negotiate their own case, they may not obtain full or fair value. Additionally, while each injury case is unique, several studies illustrate the financial benefit to injury victims who hire attorneys who specialize in injury claims. For example, a 2004 study by the Insurance Research Counsel (IRC), a research organization supported by the insurance industry, found that attorney-represented victims received average settlements 3.5 times MORE than unrepresented victims.


  • Reduction of Medical Expenses

In addition to adding value on the recovery portion of your case, car accident attorneys often add even more value with medical debt reduction at the claim’s conclusion.

Utilizing their knowledge of the state and federal statutes as well as personal relationships, injury attorneys can often obtain substantial reductions on outstanding medical bills and/or liens.

This medical debt reduction can be substantial.  When the savings are passed on to injury victims, this adds increased financial value to hiring an attorney.


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