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Personal Injuries & How They Happen - smiling female doctor studying x-ray

Personal Injury Lawyer

What Are Personal Injuries?

Personal injury is a legal term for injuries suffered from a wide variety of circumstances. These circumstances can generally have a legal case when it can be proven they were caused by someone else’s lack of care, harm, negligence, or lack of following protocol at an organization that leads to injury. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of injuries that may be classified as personal injuries and how they may occur.

How Do People Receive Personal Injuries?

People can receive personal injuries from a wide variety of different sources and circumstances. Some of those injuries are due to a legitimate accident where someone was unaware of their surroundings and caused an accident. Others are due to not following safety protocol or from a complete lack of care for people around. Some of these injuries could come from:

    • Car Accidents – Car accidents have been known to leave people with broken bones, loss of blood, pain and suffering, and more. 
    • Motorcycle Accidents – These types of accidents can result in severe injuries like whiplash, broken bones, or even worse, death.
    • Product Defects – When a company manufactures their product wrong or labels it wrong for how it is supposed to be used it can lead to injury.
    • Domestic Violence – Bad bruising, mental problems, broken bones, cuts, and more may result from this unfortunate event.
    • Nursing Home Abuse – Nursing homes may handle the movement of a resident poorly leading them to injury. They may also neglect a resident that sees them not receive enough water or exercise time leading to a weakened body that may result in a fall.
    • Construction Accidents – Construction sites can be dangerous places especially when safety protocol is nonexistent or not followed.
    • Workplace Injuries – Injuries that happen in an instant or over a period of time may result in a workplace injury. 
    • Pedestrian Accidents – These incidents generally occur when a vehicle hits a person. The injuries may vary from minor to severe. 
    • Slip and Fall Accidents – When a property doesn’t caution off an area, like a spill, or a construction zone, and it leads to injury, a strong personal injury case may be brought about.
    • & More

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

A personal injury lawyer Marietta, GA residents’ trust can be a guiding hand throughout a personal injury case. Their experience and knowledge can help clients feel at ease throughout the legal process and let them know that they are in good and safe hands. Their experience can allow a client to realize that their lawyer understands the different scenarios in a case and also knows about the different nuances that may arise throughout the legal battle. These lawyers will also take the time to learn all about their client’s case and due their due diligence to work with other legal teams and insurance companies if needed. Reach out to a firm like Johnson & Alday, LLC today to learn more about how a dedicated legal team can assist. 


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