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The popularity of electric bicycles is on the rise, with new models coming out at a steady pace. But sheer availability and popularity doesn’t mean they’re safe for riders. If you are injured while riding one, do you have legal recourse for recovering your damages? From whom can you seek compensation? These are questions that prospective clients often ask the Washington, DC bicycle accident lawyer team at the Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. Our firm represents those who have been injured in bicycle related accidents because of another party’s negligence. With the help of our seasoned Washington, DC bicycle accident lawyer team, you can feel confident that your best interests will be protected. As more and more people invest in electric bicycles and enjoy riding them throughout the Washington DC area, it’s natural that the number of accidents involving them has increased. If you or your family member was injured while riding an electric bicycle because of someone else’s actions, contact us to explore your legal options. Just because accidents are common doesn’t mean you simply have to “grin and bear” them.

Where can an electric bicycle rider legally operate their bike?

The answer to this question will largely depend on the road’s speed limit, the speed at which the bicycle is capable of going, road right-of-ways, available bike lanes, and other factors. Regardless, it is not lawful for a passenger car or truck driver to run over someone riding an electric bike. Even if a bicyclist is in the wrong in terms of where they are riding, drivers of motor vehicles must make every reasonable effort to avoid colliding with them, much as they are required to do with pedestrians. This is one of the many reasons why it makes sense for accident victims to work with a Washington, DC bicycle accident lawyer to explore any legal options that may be available to them. It is generally possible to hold negligent and reckless motorists to account. That said, an electric bicycle rider should conform to the rules and laws of the road for their own safety. 

Some of the most common ways in which electric bicycle riders are injured include the following:

  •         A motor vehicle driver collides with the electric bicycle rider in the act of passing them.
  •         A motor vehicle driver collides with the electric bicycle rider while turning right when the rider is in the shoulder lane.
  •         A motor vehicle driver opens their traffic-side door which strikes the electric bicycle rider as they ride abreast of the vehicle.

Is it legal for an electric bicycle rider to leave the bike lane or shoulder?

Under certain circumstances, it is not only legal but is advisable for an electric bicycle rider to enter or cross over the lanes of traffic. For instance, if the door of a car that is parked on the shoulder opens as the occupant is entering or leaving their vehicle, the electric bicycle rider should move to their left if they cannot slow down in time and there are no vehicles in the adjacent lane. Another example is if the electric bicycle rider wishes to turn left at an intersection, they must move across the lanes of traffic but should so only when safe. As a safety precaution, they should also signal their intention using a turn signal or a recognized hand sign which in this example is an extended left arm pointing left.  

If you were injured by a motor vehicle driver while riding your electric bicycle, call our Washington, DC bicycle accident lawyer team today. Once we have learned more about your circumstances, we’ll be able to advise you of your options accordingly.